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6/26/2019 Alerts

A demonstration protesting U.S. policy towards Serbia and Kosovo is expected to take place Saturday, June 29 beginning at 8:00PM.

6/26/2019 Crime and Safety Report

This is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office (RSO) at U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, which oversees security for Vanuatu.

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6/25/2019 Travel Advisories

Exercise increased caution in Denmark due to terrorism.

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6/25/2019 Travel Advisories

Exercise increased caution in Bosnia-Herzegovina due to terrorism and land mines.

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6/25/2019 Alerts

Local elections in Togo on Sunday, June 30. Togo's land borders with neighboring countries - Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Benin - will be closed.

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6/25/2019 Alerts

The Guinean National Football team is participating in the Africa Cup tournament between 21 June 2019 and 19 July 2019. On days and times when the Guinean team plays, expect deteriorating traffic conditions before and a...

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6/25/2019 Alerts

A demonstration is expected on Tuesday, June 25, beginning at approximately 3:00 pm and lasting until approximately 5:00 pm. The group will assemble on the bicycle path alongside the Embassy (John Adams Park) to protest...

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6/25/2019 Alerts

Political protesters have started gathering at the Ghazi Stadium, just east and south of the International Zone. The Embassy expects thousands of protesters to attend, resulting in traffic disruptions and increased secu...

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6/24/2019 Travel Advisories

Reconsider travel to Honduras due to crime. Some areas have increased risk.

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6/24/2019 Travel Advisories

Exercise increased caution in Sri Lanka due to terrorism.

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