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OSAC is a free service provided by the U.S. Department of State. There are no dues or fees associated with OSAC membership, products, or resources.


Full Access Membership (formerly "Member User") is open to all U.S.-based organizations doing business abroad and all employees of approved OSAC organizations.
Military and government personnel may also apply at the full membership level.


-Get access to all OSAC analysis reports on current security issues across the world.

-Join OSAC membership groups such as Country Chapters and Common Interest Committees.

-Get one-on-one access to OSAC Analysts who can assist with specific questions and benchmarking requests.

-Participate in OSAC's risk-analysis training seminars and workshops as well as National Foreign Affairs Training Center programs.

-Get invited to numerous events throughout the year. 

-Receive OSAC's daily/weekly newsletter.


Limited Access Membership (formerly "Newsletter User") is open to anyone.


-Get access to a selection of OSAC analysis reports.

-Receive invitations to a limited set of events.

-Receive OSAC's daily/weekly newsletter.





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