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7/9/2020 OSAC Analysis

This report provides an outline and analysis of the events surrounding the anti-COVID-19 protests that have occurred in Serbia in recent days, including the role of football hooligans. More protests are likely.

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7/9/2020 OSAC Analysis

This graphic and map showcases kidnapping trends in northeastern Nigeria. Islamist extremists continue to kidnap and target NGO and aid workers – primarily local representatives – in northeastern Nigeria. Since 2019, arm...

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7/7/2020 OSAC Analysis

On June 30, China passed a National Security Law for Hong Kong, which restricts the territory’s autonomy, curtails citizens' rights, and makes it easier to arrest protesters. Critics of the new law say it signals the "en...

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7/6/2020 OSAC Analysis

From June 22 to 29, OSAC surveyed its private-sector membership as part of a global assessment effort to determine how private-sector organizations are approaching resumption of international business travel issues amid...

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7/2/2020 OSAC Analysis

In El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele’s strict nationwide lockdown has exacerbated the executive branch’s pre-existing differences with other branches of government. The spread of the virus threatens the security of El...

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7/2/2020 OSAC Analysis

The growing insurgency in Cabo Delgado has threatened the security of oil and gas companies operating within the province. Looking forward, the oil and gas sector will remain to be at a unique risk due to its potential t...

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6/30/2020 OSAC Analysis

The European Union (EU) has finalized a list of countries from which it will allow travelers to enter as it reopens its external borders. The United States is not on the list, which means that starting on July 1, it will...

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6/29/2020 OSAC Analysis

OSAC members operating in Benin’s far northern departments face an increasing threat from violent Islamist extremists established in southeastern Burkina Faso. On June 26, the U.S. Embassy in Cotonou released a security...

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6/29/2020 OSAC Analysis

OSAC asked U.S. private-sector security managers operating in Moldova about their perception of corruption in the country. This report details responses to that survey, and provides globally-applicable best practices and...

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6/29/2020 OSAC Analysis

China implemented  new Cybersecurity Review Measures to  establish  procedures of governmental review required when operators purchase network products and services  in China. These are the latest measures in a connected...

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