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1/26/2021 OSAC Analysis

OSAC kindly requests your participation in a global benchmarking survey examining how OSAC members are approaching international travel amid continued health security concerns posed by COVID-19. This is a revised version...

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1/21/2021 OSAC Analysis

The recently updated OSAC Risk Matrix is designed to allow private-sector security professionals to take a holistic approach to risk analysis by assessing different dimensions of a given risk, including the impact of COV...

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1/21/2021 OSAC Analysis

Japanese officials continue to announce support for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2021, but enthusiasm among the Japanese public is waning, accelerated by the introduction of a new State of Emergency due to a...

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1/15/2021 OSAC Analysis

Japan entered a State of Emergency (SoE) covering the Tokyo metropolitan area and three surrounding prefectures (Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa) on January 7. It was expanded a week later to a large portion of the main isl...

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1/14/2021 OSAC Analysis

On January 2, armed individuals killed more than 100 civilians in the Nigerien villages of Tchoma Bangou and Zaroumadareye, in the country’s northwestern Tillabéri region. The attack occurred as Nigerien election officia...

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1/12/2021 OSAC Analysis

On December 2, INTERPOL issued a global alert to law enforcement across its 194 member countries warning them to prepare for organized crime network targeting of COVID-19 vaccines, physically and in cyberspace. This OSAC...

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1/12/2021 OSAC Analysis

OSAC has expanded its popular resource guide for female travelers in India to cover each of the five U.S. Consular Districts in the country. As part of our Traveler's Toolkit, we encourage female travelers and security p...

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1/8/2021 OSAC Analysis

This report reviews a selection of the continued challenges private-sector security managers will face as we progress through the new year. Most facets of regional stability and a more agreeable MENA security environment...

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1/8/2021 OSAC Analysis

The Hong Kong police arrested 53 pro-democracy activists on January 6 for holding an unofficial non-binding primary last July to choose candidates for upcoming legislative elections. Among those arrested was an U.S. lawy...

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1/5/2021 OSAC Analysis

Kazakhstan will hold elections on January 10 for Parliament and local and regional legislatures, following presidential elections in 2019 that observers said contained significant irregularities and provoked widespread d...

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