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11/26/2021 OSAC Analysis

As private-sector organizations and individuals resume international travel, the Mexican state of Quintana Roo (home to Cancun and the Riviera Maya region) continues to be a top destination for business, leisure, and stu...

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11/26/2021 OSAC Analysis

Honduras will hold elections on Sunday, November 28, that are likely to spark protests with the potential to simmer for several days. Many businesses plan to remain closed on Monday and Tuesday following the elections. W...

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11/23/2021 OSAC Analysis

OSAC is tracking how social media is involved in inter-communal political violence and unrest. In October, a social media post showing a Quran in the lap of a Hindu deity resulted in the worst communal violence in years,...

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11/23/2021 OSAC Analysis

Citing the devolving security situation in Afghanistan, Finland intends to increase the number of refugees it admits in 2022 by nearly 50% over 2021 figures. Finland’s decision to increase its refugee quota is potentiall...

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11/22/2021 OSAC Analysis

As a follow-up to OSAC’s election primer, this report reviews the post-election violence and potential for instability facing the private sector in Iraq.

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11/19/2021 OSAC Analysis

As Costa Rica continues to suffer a slow economic recovery from the impacts of the pandemic, the country is seeing pervasive public corruption and the growing influence of organized crime in Costa Rica. That influence ha...

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11/19/2021 OSAC Analysis

OSAC members will very likely face increased risk within Kampala, Uganda following three attacks likely perpetrated by Islamic State (IS)-affiliate members. On November 16, three suicide bombers attacked two locations in...

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11/19/2021 OSAC Analysis

Thousands of migrants have attempted to cross westward from Belarus into Poland over the past few weeks. On November 16, Polish forces at one crossing used water cannons and tear gas to deter hundreds of migrants attempt...

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11/15/2021 OSAC Analysis

The U.S. Embassy has urged travelers in Haiti to make immediate plans to depart the country via commercial means due to fuel shortages. A major gang leader has since announced that fuel delivery could resume through Thur...

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11/15/2021 OSAC Analysis

This report analyzes a new ruling from Indonesia’s constitutional court stating that it was lawful to block the internet during periods of social unrest – a move activists and rights organizations have criticized – and o...

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