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6/9/2021 OSAC Analysis

The COVID-19 situation in Italy appears to be improving. At the end of May, for the ninth consecutive week, Italy reported a decrease in the seven-day incidence rate, while both COVID hospital bed and ICU occupancy rate...

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6/9/2021 OSAC Analysis

The controversial and last-minute switch of the Copa America soccer tournament’s hosting rights from Argentina to Brazil highlights ongoing COVID-19 health threats and provides a snapshot into the return of large-scale e...

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6/9/2021 OSAC Analysis

This report provides an overview of the cybersecurity threat landscape in the lead-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. U.S. private-sector interests affiliated with the Games, as well as foreign government...

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6/7/2021 OSAC Analysis

Over two weeks, two severe cyclonic storms hit India’s western and eastern coasts, causing extensive infrastructure and farmland damage. The cyclones displaced millions and increased the risk of further COVID-19 transmis...

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6/4/2021 OSAC Analysis

The 47th Group of Seven (G7) Summit will take place June 11-13 in Carbis Bay, a seaside resort and village in Cornwall, United Kingdom (UK). This report provides a security assessment of the event, focusing on protests t...

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6/2/2021 OSAC Analysis

Within the U.S. Department of State, both OSAC and Consular Affairs can be a resource in the event of an escalating security threat involving private-sector personnel overseas. This report aims to answer OSAC members’ fr...

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6/2/2021 OSAC Analysis

This benchmarking report provides information on how OSAC members working in Sub-Saharan Africa are handling personnel and facility mitigation measures, criteria for returning to in-person work, vaccine policy and planni...

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5/28/2021 OSAC Analysis

Crime and violence affecting NGOs has continued this year in South Sudan, which is consistently ranked among the most dangerous countries in the world for humanitarian operations. In 2021 thus far, three humanitarian wor...

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5/28/2021 OSAC Analysis

In response to recent events in Israel, demonstrations took place in Berlin and several other German cities on May 15. The generally peaceful pro-Palestinian protests were overshadowed by anti-Semitic incidents and attac...

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5/26/2021 OSAC Analysis

Brazil accounts for 32% of ransomware attacks globally, the second most affected nation in the world. The country is particularly vulnerable to these types of attacks due to a combination of high levels of internet conne...

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