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4/7/2021 OSAC Analysis

Over the course of the next month, several countries throughout Latin America will hold elections, including Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. All four countries have experienced major protests, roadblocks, and electora...

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4/5/2021 OSAC Analysis

On March 18, suspected cartel members murdered over a dozen law enforcement officials in a small municipality southwest of Mexico City. While clashes between armed criminal actors and security forces are common, the appa...

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4/5/2021 OSAC Analysis

This report highlights the recent underlying causes of protests in Jordan, which include: COVID-19 lockdowns, emergency laws infringing on civil liberties, and high unemployment.

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4/1/2021 OSAC Analysis

This OSAC report describes how, following weeks of demonstrations against Indian PM Modi's visit, chaotic protests erupted March 26-28 in three major locations in Bangladesh, resulting in multiple casualties and transpor...

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3/31/2021 OSAC Analysis

Islamic State-Mozambique (IS-M) insurgents recently launched a large, complex attack on the port town of Palma, located just 12 miles from private-sector liquified natural gas (LNG) sites on the Afungi Peninsula. This re...

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3/31/2021 OSAC Analysis

On March 16, Japan’s Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that the country’s most popular texting and social media application, LINE, had been storing data from its 86 million Japanese users in mainland China since 20...

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3/30/2021 OSAC Analysis

In June, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) will hold national and regional elections. National elections will occur on June 5 and elections in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa on June 12. Given Ethiopia’s history of election-rel...

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3/29/2021 OSAC Analysis

Latin America and the Caribbean has begun its COVID-19 vaccine rollout by relying heavily on Chinese-produced vaccines. This vaccine diplomacy will tie many countries in the region more closely to the People's Republic o...

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3/29/2021 OSAC Analysis

This report presents data on different types of attacks and their locations throughout Afghanistan to help OSAC members visualize the situation on the ground. It provides a visualization of violent events in Afghanistan...

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3/26/2021 OSAC Analysis

This benchmarking survey assessed the impact of Burma’s coup on private sector operations as well as potential for organizations to evacuate the country. The survey was open from March 17 to March 25, and received 46 res...

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