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9/22/2020 General

This is your final opportunity to recognize outstanding OSAC leaders and Country Councils! Nominations for the 2020 OSAC Achievement Awards will be accepted through this Friday, September 25, 2020. New in 2020: Disti...

9/8/2020 Attention

Please participate in OSAC's benchmarking survey focused on traveling overseas with mobile devices. The purpose of the survey is to gauge current industry best practices and provide updates to a popular and informative b...

8/19/2020 Information

As previously announced, an OSAC Working Group is conducting a complete review of the Code of Conduct to further develop and strengthen it, as well as to increase awareness of the importance of adherence to the Code by a...

8/14/2020 Information

Earlier announced issue regarding applying for Country Council as well as Common Interest Council groups has now been resolved.

8/13/2020 Information

As announced on June 6, the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s 2020 Annual Briefing will be held virtually during the week of November 16. As the details solidify, we will share more information in the coming weeks. In...

8/11/2020 Information

The destruction caused by the August 4 explosion was utterly devastating, and our hearts go out to the people of Lebanon who have suffered so much. International NGOs in Lebanon supported by U.S. government funding -- In...

8/11/2020 Information

Trust, respect, and professionalism are the keys to OSAC’s success, and we appreciate your support in upholding these values, particularly during difficult times when we are separated from one another, communicating on v...

7/1/2020 Information

The OSAC Quarterly Bulletin, Issue #2 features a Q&A Spotlight with the Department of State's Director of Crisis Management and Strategy, and in honor of our decades together, a little throwback to 1989.

6/8/2020 Information

After much consideration, the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) has made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person OSAC Annual Briefing this November. We will host a virtual conference instead, which will sp...

5/7/2020 Attention

All OSAC Staff are currently working virtually until further notice.

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