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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Resources & Regional Updates

OSAC is working with the U.S. private sector and relevant U.S. government agencies to provide appropriate guidance regarding the ongoing worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. While OSAC will continue to publish finished analytical and benchmarking reports detailing developments pertaining to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) around the world, this page will remain as a source for resources (including that reporting) as well as raw data. Also note that OSAC has discontinued its regionally-focused attachments, produced by the Research & Analysis Unit, as of June 1; for further regional information, contact your OSAC Analyst.

U.S. citizens seeking information about repatriation to the United States should visit the Department of State’s Travel website or contact their closest U.S. embassy or consulate. Those seeking U.S. government assistance from an overseas location should ensure they register with the STEP program. You may also contact your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate’s American Citizens Services (ACS) section for specific information or guidance, or call the Overseas Citizens Services Contact Center at 1-877-407-4747 (from the United States and Canada), or +1 202-501-4444 (from other countries). ACS is handling inquiries in priority order, and will respond as soon as possible. (Note: STEP registry automatically gives ACS your information in country.) We request your patience, as ACS is processing a high volume of inquiries at the current time; they have helped repatriate more than 80,000 U.S. citizens to date from locations around the globe. This a difficult and challenging situation, and we will continue to provide you with timely informational resources on this site. However, OSAC is unable to make individual inquiries as to whether ACS has your information, the availability of seats on repatriation flights, or any other ACS-related issue. If you need immediate assistance overseas, ACS in your country of interest is your best resource for local guidance. 

OSAC Analytical Reporting on COVID-19: (OSAC login required for most reports.)

Anti-COVID-19 Restriction Protests in Serbia (9 Jul)

Resumption of International Business Travel Amid COVID-19 Health Security Concerns: Global Insights from the Private Sector (6 Jul)

EU Restricts Entry of Most U.S. Travelers (30 Jun)

Misinformation and Repression Govern Nicaragua’s COVID Response (25 Jun)

U.S. Travel Restrictions in the Face of COVID-19 (22 Jun)

Protests in Nepal Over Government Response to COVID-19 (17 Jun)

India Lifts Nationwide Lockdown Despite Increase in COVID-19 Infections (10 Jun)

COVID-19 and the Lack of Transparency in Tanzania (9 Jun)

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps: Navigating Security Concerns for the Private Sector (2 Jun)

Sierra Leone Political Tensions Rise Amidst Violent Riots and COVID-19 (29 May)

Crime in Latin America during COVID-19 (26 May)

OSAC Regional Return-to-Work Benchmarking Survey: Global Insights (20 May)

COVID-19 Return-to-Work Benchmarking Data: Global and Regional Insights (20 May)

Emerging from COVID-19 in North East Asia (20 May)

Ramadan, Mudik, and Coronavirus in Indonesia (20 May)

Private-Sector Impacts of Cyber Threats Emanating from the Coronavirus Pandemic (29 Apr)

Ramadan 2020 in MENA: Closures, Travel Restrictions, and Fasting during COVID-19 (24 Apr)

Civil Unrest and the Second Wave of COVID-19 in North East Asia (24 Apr)

COVID-19 Outbreak Increasing Anti-Foreigner Sentiment (23 Apr)

OSAC Benchmarking Report: The Impact of COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa (23 Apr)

COVID-19 in India: Nationwide Lockdown Sparks Protests, Communal Violence (21 Apr)

COVID in Mexico: Security Implications (15 Apr)

OSAC Benchmarking Report: COVID-19 in Europe After the Global Level 4 Health Advisory (27 Mar)

OSAC Benchmarking Report: ​Private Sector Response ​to COVID-19 in Asia​ (23 Mar)

Philippines COVID Travel Restrictions (20 Mar)

Travel FAQs: COVID-19 (18 Mar) (No login required)

OSAC Benchmarking Report: COVID-19 in Europe (13 Mar)

OSAC Update/FAQ: Europe Travel Ban (12 Mar) (No login required)

Italy: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update (3 Mar)

OSAC Benchmarking Report: COVID-19 in Europe & Asia (28 Feb)

COVID-19: APAC Security Updates (27 Feb)

OSAC Benchmarking Report: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak (14 Feb)

Travel Tips: Coronavirus (10 Feb) (No login required)

OSAC Benchmarking Report: Novel Coronavirus (4 Feb)

Viral Outbreak in China ahead of Chinese New Year (22 Jan)

Other OSAC Messaging:

OSAC Webinar: Grace Under Pressure: Pragmatism & Planning in the Face of Pandemic (25 Mar)

A Message from OSAC’s Aviation Security Working Group on Managing the COVID-19 Impact to Aviation and International Travel (20 Mar)

Participate in OSAC’s Regional Councils for regionally-focused discussions on COVID-19 (OSAC.gov login required):

Africa Regional Council (ARC)

Europe Regional Council (ERC)

Latin America Regional Council (LARC)

Middle East and North Africa Regional Council (MENA-RC)

Pan-Asia Regional Council (PARC)

U.S. Department of State Resources: (No login required.)

Bureau of Consular Affairs Response to Novel Coronavirus

Travel Advisories and Alerts

Each U.S. Embassy around the world has posted and will continue to update local information involving COVID-19, including host-government response and verified virus counts. Find a consolidated list of all U.S. Embassy COVID-19 info pages here.

Resources External to the U.S. Department of State: (No login required.)

U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 Page

U.S. National Institutes of Health COVID-19 Resource Page

World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Q&A

International Air Travel Association (IATA) Travel Bans

International Civil Aviation Organization Airport Status Page

Universal Weather & Aviation Cargo & Travel Restriction Overview

Global Database of COVID-19 cases and deaths

Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) COVID-19 Page

U.S. State & Local Government Health Resource Listing

The Lancet COVID-19 Resource Centre

ISOS: Travel restrictions, Flight operations and Screening

Interactive Mapping and Case Tracking Resources:

Interactive Global Map by Country, Province and Individual Case

Coronavirus Live Map



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