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Asia Pacific COVID-19 Restrictions: Interactive Map

Asia Pacific COVID-19 Restrictions: Interactive Map


Six months have passed since countries around the world enacted the first COVID-19 related travel restrictions. Since then, countries across the globe have created and revised entry and exit requirements numerous times in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus. Although many countries have made progress in quelling case numbers, others are still struggling, and countries in both categories are hesitant to allow international travelers from the United States, the country with the most active cases in the world.

Most countries in East Asia and the Pacific still maintain entry bans for U.S. citizens even as they open up business travel to some neighboring countries.

  • Countries with bans generally have exemptions for permanent residents, family members of a citizen or permanent resident, flight crews, and diplomates. Notable exceptions are China and Japan, which do not allow U.S. citizens who are permanent residents to enter at this time. (Countries with bans – blue)
  • Countries that allow U.S. citizens to enter require special visas, exemptions, tests, and quarantine – this category includes South Korea, Singapore, and Cambodia. (Countries with exemptions for essential workers and/or students – green, countries that allow access to healthy people - purple)
  • Some countries that don’t allow entry do allow transit (e.g. Japan and Malaysia) while others that do allow entry do not allow transit (e.g. Singapore). This is especially important to note for travel to/from locations without many direct flight destinations.

OSAC has created an interactive map with the latest entry restrictions for U.S. travelers compiled from the U.S. Embassy website COVID-19 info pages. Click here to view it.



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