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6/26/2019 Alerts

A demonstration protesting U.S. policy towards Serbia and Kosovo is expected to take place Saturday, June 29 beginning at 8:00PM.

6/26/2019 Crime and Safety Report

This is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office (RSO) at U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, which oversees security for Vanuatu.


With the end of a landmark arms-control pact between the U.S. and Russia looming, NATO defense ministers will explore ways to enhance Europe's security.


WASHINGTON — A top U.S. State Department official who deals with Sudan said on Tuesday that Washington was considering all options, including possible sanctions, if there was more violence after a deadly assault on prote...


The killing of five senior officials in Ethiopia including the Amhara regional president and the army chief of staff has thrust ethnic militias in one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies into the spotlight.


Poland’s governing Law and Justice party used to get political mileage out of vilifying refugees. Now it has its sights on the LGBT community.


A Kenyan MP has been arrested after saying he would beat up foreign traders if they did not leave the country. Charles Njagua Kanyi said in a video that Tanzanian and Ugandan traders were taking Kenyan business and "enou...


Dutch police say they have made Europe’s biggest ever seizure of methamphetamine after discovering 2.5 tons of the drug stashed behind a wall in a building in the port city of Rotterdam.


Hackers, possibly linked to China, have quietly breached networks of more than 10 mobile carriers across the world to steal call details of multiple individuals of interest.


The victim was sitting by the roadside roasting corn to sell when a police bullet struck him as he apparently attempted to run away from the confrontation between police and protesters in Kingsville, about 20km (12 miles...

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