Q:  What is an OSAC constituent?
A:  An OSAC constituent can be any U.S.-owned or incorporated company, non-profit organization, educational institution, or faith-based organization with interests overseas.

Q:  How do I qualify for access to the OSAC website?
A:  Because the OSAC website is internet-based, it is available to all internet users (i.e., the general public).  However, only employees of OSAC constituents and associate organizations may view password-protected products.
By U.S. Government charter, OSAC is only able to support U.S.-owned or U.S.-incorporated organizations (parent company, not subsidiaries or divisions) doing business abroad.  Each member organization is required to designate one representative (a primary point of contact) of the CEO from the company’s U.S. headquarters to distribute OSAC information and manage OSAC website logon accounts.

Q:  What are the rules for creating my username and password?
A:   Your OSAC username will be the email address associated with your account.  Your password must be a minimum of 12 characters and must contain a combination of uppercase letter(s), lowercase letter(s), number(s), and special character(s).  Please do not repeat any portion of your username when formatting your password.
Q:  I have recently changed jobs and now work for another company.  I would like to continue the constituent access I have enjoyed previously.  How do I transfer my constituency?
A:  OSAC constituency is held by an organization, not an individual.  Therefore, if your new organization is not an OSAC constituent, it will need to apply for constituency before you can have full access to password-protected content on the website.  If your new organization is already an OSAC constituent, request that the primary point of contact create a new logon account for you.
Q:  My address and email address have changed.  How do I change them on the website?
A:  Because your email address is your username, this cannot be altered. If your email address has changed you must re-apply using the updated email address.

Q:  How do I sign up for OSAC’s Daily Newsletter, Afternoon Digest, or Weekly Digest?
A:  Click on the Newsletter link on the top toolbar of the OSAC website, and then click "Apply as a Newsletter Subscriber."  Fill in the required fields of information and click "Submit."  If your organization is not an OSAC constituent, you may still sign up for the newsletter, but you will not be able to view password-protected content.

Q:  How do I unsubscribe from the OSAC Newsletter, Digest, or Weekly Digest?
A:  To unsubscribe from these products, log into the OSAC website and click on "User Profile."  Click on "Subscription Options," and un-click the box currently checked as "Yes, I would like to receive" the items you no longer wish to receive.

Q:  Why am I not receiving any email from OSAC?
A:  OSAC publications are sometimes automatically denoted as junk mail by spam filters.  Please check with your network administrator to ensure that OSAC emails are not being routed as junk mail and to ensure proper delivery.