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Police in Zambia have warned that they will take stern against a group of young people who are streaming a banned anti-corruption protest online. "We are also aware that they are streaming from some bush around Chalala,...


Police in Zambia have arrested three people suspected of murdering three Chinese nationals, dragging the bodies into a factory and setting it alight. Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has promised a full investigat...


More than 50 people in Zambia have been killed in mob violence in response to a spate of poision spray attacks, President Edgar Lungu said on Friday, blaming church leaders for encouraging some of the reprisals.


Police in Zambia have arrested 14 more people in connection with the mob killings of people suspected of chemical spray attacks, local media reported.


Zambian President Edgar Lungu wants the US to recall its ambassador to Lusaka for criticising the southern African nation over a 15-year jail term slapped on two gay men for consensual sex.


The US ambassador to Zambia has condemned a 15-year jail sentence handed down to two men found guilty of “having sex against the order of nature” – the legal phrase used to describe gay sex.


A blow to democracy? For weeks, Zambia has been torn apart over a highly controversial constitutional reform that strengthens the powers of President Edgar Lungu with less than two years to go before the general election...


The reforms were scheduled to go before parliament on Friday. President Edgar Lungu is facing mounting complaints that he is cracking down on dissent.


Police in Zambia have arrested the leader of a small opposition party on charges of defaming President Edgar Lungu after the release of a video in which he allegedly inferred that the head of state was a dog.


U.S. officials who argue Huawei can’t be trusted to play a major role in building global 5G telecommunications networks got another boost Wednesday when the Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese telecom company h...

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