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ZARZIS, Tunisia — The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is propelling thousands of Tunisians to make the perilous Mediterranean journey in search of better living conditions, with the largest wave in nearly...


Police in Tunisia chased and shot dead three suspected Islamist militants after they attacked two police officers, killing one of them, in the coastal city of Sousse on Sunday, the authorities said.


After just five months in office, Tunisia's Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh has called it a day.


Demonstrators have shut a major oil pumping station in southern Tunisia, escalating weeks of protests for jobs and economic development in the deprived region.


Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh has resigned from his post, the government said in a statement, after a dispute with the Ennahdha party that had withdrawn its support for the government.


According to an initial reconstruction of events, the boat, carrying 53 people mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, had left the Tunisian coast from the city of Sfax, aiming to reach Italy. The shipwreck occurred between 4 an...


TUNIS (Reuters) - Tunisians returned to mosques and cafes on Thursday as the country ended most lockdown restrictions after largely containing the spread of the novel coronavirus for now.


At least one migrant has drowned, six are missing and over 80 have been rescued off Tunisia's coast, authorities said, amid a new wave of dangerous attempts to traffic migrants across the Mediterranean Sea into Europe.


Tunisian authorities yesterday announced the failure of a “terrorist plot” to spread the coronavirus among security forces.


An attacker targeted the US embassy in the Tunisian capital on Friday, causing an explosion and injuries among police before being killed, police said. The assailant tried to enter the embassy but was prevented by police...

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