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Former Vice President Ashwin Adhin has been arrested in an investigation into the alleged destruction of equipment in the vice presidential office after his party lost power in the May elections, President Chandrikapersa...


With the election of a new president, Suriname can finally try to put the tainted and violent legacy of Desi Bouterse behind it. But Chan Santokhi has a tough task ahead: his vice president is a convicted drug trafficker...


Suriname elected a new president on Monday, ending the long rule of Desi Bouterse, who dominated the small South American nation’s politics since its independence through intimidation and charisma. The president, Chan Sa...


Suriname's electoral authorities have finally announced preliminary results from the May 25 elections won by opposition parties, which on Friday accused the government of Desi Bouterse of obstructing efforts to seat a ne...


Four parties have formed an alliance that would put them close to being able to choose Suriname´s next president.


Votes were still being counted Thursday three days after Suriname’s elections, with the opposition urging the government to concede defeat and President Desi Bouterse calling for a recount even though the final tally had...


Vote counting from Suriname's National Assembly elections was suspended Tuesday as the governing party trailed in announced returns, with authorities saying electoral personnel were exhausted a day after widespread probl...


Suriname's main opposition leader Chan Santokhi on Tuesday predicted victory for his Progressive Reform Party (VHP) in the country's elections after 46 percent of the votes had been counted. Early unofficial results in t...


The coronavirus pandemic is but one factor in a confrontation between the South American nation’s business sector and its authoritarian government.


Caribbean Community leaders were scheduled to meet this week in Barbados for their two day half yearly summit with agenda items like preparations for the corona virus high on their schedule.

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