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Thousands of Slovaks protested against the government and its anti-coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday, gathering in the capital Bratislava and other cities as the country struggles through a second wave of the pandemic.


Police in Slovakia have revealed that "suspects from Austria" tried to buy ammunition there in the summer and that Austrian authorities were tipped off. Four people were fatally shot and 23 others wounded when a gunman w...


Slovak voters handed a resounding victory to the centre-right, anti-graft OLaNO opposition party in Saturday's general election, dominated by an angry backlash over the 2018 murder of a journalist probing corruption in t...


Preliminary results from Saturday’s parliamentary election show Slovakia’s opposition with a comfortable lead. With the votes from about 75% of the almost 6,000 polling stations counted by the Statistics Office early Sun...


Slovak authorities charged a high profile businessman and three others on Monday with murder over the killing of a journalist and his fiancée last year, a case that still roils politics more than a year after it brought...

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