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Singapore reported 11 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Friday (Sep 18), including one in the community and one imported infection.


International companies in Singapore said the Government’s move to raise the minimum salary requirement for foreign workers will not affect their plans here, as many firms already make an effort to hire locals.


Reviving Singapore’s air hub safely is a “top and immediate priority” for the Ministry of Transport (MOT), said Minister for Transport Ong Ye Kung on Thursday (Aug 27).


Although Singapore has the second-highest coronavirus caseload in Southeast Asia, the prime minister said the polls planned for July 10 would come at a time that was “relatively stable.”


Singapore is prepared to work with Malaysia to address the needs of cross-border travellers, including short-term business and official travellers, as well as citizens who had been commuting between both countries.


An American cargo pilot who admitted to “poor judgment” in breaking a quarantine order to buy medical supplies became the first foreigner imprisoned in Singapore for breaching its restrictions meant to curb the coronavir...


Weeks after two of his roommates were diagnosed with COVID-19, Mohamad Arif Hassan says he's still waiting to be tested for the coronavirus. Quarantined in his room in a sprawling foreign workers' dormitory that has emer...


Coronavirus cases in the city state have ballooned past 10,000 from just 1,000 at the beginning of this month. While four in five have been traced to migrant worker dormitories, more troubling may be those cases where th...


Singapore on Tuesday extended restrictions to fight the coronavirus until early June, the city-state's leader said, as cases surged past 9,000 due to a growing number of infections among migrant workers.


Singapore’s Covid-19 cases have risen sixfold since the start of the month, due to outbreaks in crowded migrant worker dormitories The authorities say hospitals can cope for now but are ‘stretched’ amid concerns over av...

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