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Pirates attacked two fishing vessels on Sunday near the Gabonese capital Libreville, abducting six crewmen, a source close to the Gabonese government told AFP.


Pirates attacked four ships in the harbour of the Gabon capital Libreville overnight, killing a captain and kidnapping four Chinese workers, the government said Sunday.


Gabon becoming a monarchy, this is the view of opposition leader Jean Ping and former Prime Minister who ran for the presidency. Nourredine Bongo Valentin, 27, first son of incumbent Ali Bongo was appointed a top preside...


In recent years, West Africa has been considered a relative oasis of stability in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the region faces a multitude of threats that could spell a new era of insecurity. A spike in Islamist terrori...


What's the difference between a block and a blackout? Who's responsible? What can be done?


The ocean off the West African coastline is one of the world's most notorious areas for piracy and kidnapping. And attacks in the area continue to rise each year.


The U.S. Navy has dispatched a second ship, the USNS Carson City, this year to the Gulf of Guinea on West Africa's southern coast to help deal with security needs, including piracy.


The Internet is one of the few places where information can spread freely, which might explain why authoritarian governments are blocking it more often. We look at some of the countries that have suffered Internet blacko...


Gabonese President Ali Bongo delivered his first speech since returning to the West African country following a long absence after a stroke he suffered in October. Bongo, 60, sacked his vice president and forestry minist...

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