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OSAC Travel Security Form

More U.S. private-sector employees, students, and staff are traveling abroad than ever before. At the same time, the overseas security landscape has grown increasingly dynamic, with threats posed by terrorists, insurgents, and criminals, as well as non-human forces like natural disasters and diseases. The objective of this guide is to equip international travelers with tactics and procedures that may reduce the risks inherent to overseas travel. It is our hope that the enclosed recommendations will both encourage individuals to seek opportunities abroad and provide greater comfort and confidence to those traveling internationally.

We acknowledge that every destination is unique and that no one resource can address all situations or scenarios. In response to that challenge, OSAC has created a form that can be customized depending on the destination and needs of the traveler. The document can then be saved by the travelers, shared with his/her organization, and printed as an accompaniment (in case an electronic copy is not accessible during travel).

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