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Hotel Checklist - COVID-19 Prevention Measures


This product was developed by the Hotels and Lodging Sector Committee (HLSC) to assist the broader OSAC membership in better understanding and assessing COVID-19 prevention measures employed by hotels globally. The list below is not intended to be exhaustive or prescriptive. Rather, it provides a baseline set of questions for security managers to consider regarding properties and their policies when assessing the lodging options’ health security measures amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The HLSC encourages OSAC members to have a conversation with lodging providers about how these prevention measures are implemented at the property level.

When selecting a hotel for overseas travel, consider the following questions related to COVID-19 prevention:

  • Does the hotel follow a COVID-19-related safety program defined at brand or group level?
  • Are the hotel's COVID-19 program and actions aligned, at a minimum, with national and international health authorities’ requirements?
  • Does the hotel apply physical distancing and other prevention measures, both front and back of house?
  • Are hotel team members, including outsourced staff, regularly trained in COVID-19 prevention measures, such as handwashing, wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), etc.?
  • Does the hotel have procedures in place for symptom screening for team members and for guests?
  • Does the hotel offer COVID-19 testing or provide information on how to access such testing for team members and guests?
  • Does the hotel have a policy and procedure for guests on preventative actions and the wearing of PPE?
  • Does the hotel conduct increased cleaning and disinfection of frequent touch points in all areas of the hotel with hospital-grade products? Are in-house and outsourced staff regularly trained on these procedures?
  • Does the hotel offer hand sanitizer at all entrances and in various locations throughout the hotel?
  • Does the hotel have procedures in place in case a guest or member of staff tests positive for the virus and/or shows symptoms?
  • Does the hotel encourage and promote vaccination for staff  (eg. Communication campaigns, incentivizing, etc.)?

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Department of State or any affiliated organization(s). Nor have these opinions been approved or sanctioned by these organizations. This product is unclassified based on the definitions in E.O. 12958. OSAC’s full disclaimer and copyright policy is available on our site at OSAC.gov/About/Disclaimer.

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