• 2018 All-India General Meeting
    US Embassy New Delhi hosts the 2018 All-India General Meeting on December 3, 2018. Over 300 constituents representing the six Indian Country Councils participated in a full-day agenda of discussion, debate, and networking.

East Asia & Pacific

Travel Advisories Add Kidnapping Indicator
In 2018, the U.S. Department of State introduced the Travel Advisory system. Fifteen months after the system went into effect, the Department has…

Indonesian Election Security (April 17)
On April 17, Indonesia will hold the largest elections in its history. Campaigning will take place through April 14, and will likely feature large…

Consular Reporting

Security Alert: Jakarta (Indonesia), Elections on April 17
On April 17, Indonesia will hold nationwide general elections, including for the presidency and regional and national legislatures.

Security Alert: Rangoon (Burma), Security Awareness Reminder
In light of calls for revenge in the wake of the March 15 terrorist attack against two mosques in New Zealand, we encourage U.S. citizens to exercise…

Security Alert: Solomon Islands, Election-Related Violence Possible
National Elections will be held in the Solomon Islands on Wednesday, April 3. Violence between the various political parties has been known to break…