• Timor-Leste CC meeting - 4/13/18
    Ambassador Fitzpatrick speaks to the Timor-Leste OSAC Country Council. The meeting focused on emergency communications in the event cell phone service goes down during a crisis and alternative communications platforms that are commercially available.

Near East

Bahrain: It Matters What You Say
Bahrain’s position in the oil-rich Persian Gulf just 15 miles off the coast of Saudi Arabia has made it an attractive location for global powers in…

The Geopolitics of Kuwait’s Security Landscape
The Persian Gulf region is home to major political and military rivals, raising the potential for geopolitical conflict. With a history of conflict,…

Upcoming Elections in the Middle East & North Africa
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Consular Reporting

Security Alert: Manama (Bahrain), Personal Security Reminder
Due to regional developments, there is potential for spontaneous demonstrations to take place in Bahrain over the coming days, and possibly beyond.

Security Alert: Saudi Arabia, Military action taken by US, France, UK in Syria
There may be reaction in the region in response to military action taken by the United States, France, and the United Kingdom in Syria.