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Chemical Infragard

InfraGard represents one of the original efforts by the FBI to enhance this two-way dialogue with private industry and academia.  The 23,000 private industry and academic members of InfraGard have a direct connection with the FBI and each other.  The WMD Directorate worked with the Cyber Division of the FBI to develop two WMD-specific internet portals that facilitate communication and provide unclassified information and intelligence products to vetted participants.  Through these secure portals, Chemical InfraGard and Food-Agriculture InfraGard, members of the chemical and agricultural industries are sharing information with each other, and with scientists, state and local law enforcement, and the FBI.  Members can pose questions, receive information, and alert the FBI to any of their concerns, including the reporting of suspicious or unusual activity.  The private sector often serves as the first line of defence for the reporting of suspicious information to the local JTTF and the InfraGard forum has provided invaluable information to the FBI.