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Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Berlin (Germany), Removal of Unexploded Ordnance in Frankfurt

Europe > Germany > Frankfurt

The Embassy alerts U.S. citizens living in or traveling to Frankfurt, Germany that German officials report unexploded ordnance has been discovered at a construction site near the Gruenenberg Park in Frankfurt am Main.  The Frankfurt authorities will disarm and dispose of the ordnance on Sunday morning, September 3, 2017, and as a routine and standard precaution, they have ordered the evacuation of a large circular area around the construction site near the intersection of Hansaallee and Miquel- /Adickesallee.  


The Embassy advises U.S. citizens in the area to comply with official directions and avoid this area on Sunday from 8 a.m. until mid-afternoon.   U.S. citizens in Germany are urged to comply with police directions and street closures at all times, maintain a high level of vigilance, take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security, and monitor local news stations for updates.


The Frankfurt authorities have a great deal of experience dealing with unexploded ordnance, and this evacuation is a necessary precaution but should not be a cause for alarm.

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