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Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Copenhagen (Denmark), Gang Activity in Copenhagen

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U.S. Embassy Copenhagen informs U.S. citizens that Copenhagen Police urge individuals living in or visiting the areas of Nørrebro, Copenhagen North West, Brønshøj, and Husum exercise heightened awareness at all times due to a recent increase in gang violence.  According to police, over the past two months, there have been more than 20 gang related incidents in Copenhagen, largely in the Nørrebro area.  The majority of the incidents have been shootings involving young men aged 17 to 25 years, and at least two victims had no known gang affiliations.  Copenhagen Police have advised men ages 17 to 25 to be especially alert when visiting these areas.


Copenhagen Police have instituted a stop-and-search zone in a large area covering Nørrebro, Husm, Brønshøj and Tingbjerg.  The ordinance allows police officers to stop anyone within the area without cause.  A mobile police station, manned by six officers, opened in the area on Thursday, August 10.  For a full summary of the announcement by Copenhagen Police (available in Danish), click here.

U.S. citizens in Denmark are reminded, in general, that if at any time you feel threatened or in danger, please call the Danish authorities immediately by dialling 1-1-2 for emergency service response from Danish police, rescue, and fire departments.


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