• Timor-Leste CC meeting - 4/13/18
    Ambassador Fitzpatrick speaks to the Timor-Leste OSAC Country Council. The meeting focused on emergency communications in the event cell phone service goes down during a crisis and alternative communications platforms that are commercially available.

Western Hemisphere

OSAC Threat Assessment: G7 Summit
The 44th Group of Seven (G7) Summit will take place June 8-9, in La Malbaie, in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, approximately 140km northeast of…

Venezuela Presidential Elections: Limited Violence & Private Sector Impact
On Sunday, May 20, Venezuela will hold snap elections for president. Standing president Nicolás Maduro is seeking reelection against two opposition…

Ordered Departure and Protests in Nicaragua
On April 23, U.S. Embassy Managua ordered the departure of U.S. government family members and authorized the departure of U.S. government personnel…

Consular Reporting

Demonstration Alert: Managua (Nicaragua), March expected on June 23
A march is currently scheduled to take place on June 23 at 2:00 p.m. The route is expected to begin at Monumento Alexis (Plaza de Las Victorias) and…

Demonstration Alert: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Upcoming protests and general labor strike
A demonstration is expected to take place on June 22 and a general labor strike is expected to take place on June 25.

Demonstration Alert: Montreal (Canada), Upcoming demonstrations on June 22 and 25
Two demonstrations will take place near the consulate on June 22 and June 25.