• Timor-Leste CC meeting - 4/13/18
    Ambassador Fitzpatrick speaks to the Timor-Leste OSAC Country Council. The meeting focused on emergency communications in the event cell phone service goes down during a crisis and alternative communications platforms that are commercially available.


Ebola 10.0
After an Ebola outbreak was declared over in western Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) Equateur province on July 24, a new and unrelated…

Fuel Shortage in Sudan
An ongoing fuel shortage has spread across Sudan since late March. The scarcity of commercial diesel, cooking gas, and jet fuel has been exacerbated…

Zimbabwe's Landmark Presidential Election
On July 30, Zimbabweans will go to the polls to elect a president, members of parliament, and local officials in the first election since former…

Consular Reporting

Demonstration Alert: Maseru (Lesotho), Protests in Maseru
Protests escalating in what started in the Thetsane Industrial area last night where Police and military were present in the area.

Demonstration Alert: Maseru (Lesotho), Large Protests in Maseru
Due to additional reports of protests and unpredictable movement, US Embassy Maseru has decided to go to reduced staff and has permitted liberal…

Demonstration Alert: Maseru (Lesotho), Workers' Union Protests
Security Unlimited has reported that workers’ union protests from last week have been reignited due to remaining unsettled disputes.