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Security Snapshot: Protests in Haiti
On Friday, Haiti announced a plan to remove government fuel subsidies that would have caused an immediate increase in fuel prices throughout the…

Armed Robberies of Americans and Recent Security Incidents in Haiti
Armed robbery of U.S. travelers to Haiti has appeared to increase over the last four months; 40 U.S. citizens have been victimized since December.…

OSAC Security Snapshot: Recent Protests in Haiti
Port-au-Prince has experienced an uptick in protests since the beginning of September, at times turning violent, as a result of opposition to the new…

Consular Affairs Bulletins

Security Alert: Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Return to Normal Security Posture
The Embassy has returned to its normal security posture for its employees.

Security Alert: Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Shelter in Place Continues
Following demonstrations that took place in a number of locations in Haiti on October 17, Embassy personnel have been instructed to continue to…

Security Alert: Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Protests and Roadblocks throughout Haiti
Protests and roadblocks throughout Port-au-Prince and other cities.