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Security Alert: Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Security Issues on February 10

Western Hemisphere > Haiti

1130 Locations: 

•   tire blockage on 15 Octobre near OAVCT. Not yet lit on fire

•   burning tires outside the Tabarre Police Commisariate 
•   burning tires reported in Carrefour Fleuriot area
•   gunfire reported near Gerald Bataille
•   roadblocks on Tabarre 48 near Aristide University
•   motorcycle groups moving up and down Route de Delmas causing issues
•   burning barricades at Delmas 30
•   burning tires at Delmas 9
1329 Locations:


Gerald Bataille (Barricades and trash blocking to road)

•   Caradeux near Aristide University (Roadblocks)

•  Delmas 31 (Rock throwing in the area of St Patrick)

•   Avenue John Brown (Ongoing demonstration)

•   Bel-Air (Ongoing demonstration)

•   Bon Repos (Ongoing demonstration)

•   Kenscoff Road (Burning barricades)

•   Carrefour Feuilles (Ongoing demonstratrion)

•  Morne Cabrit on the National Road #3 (Barricades and burning tires)

•   Carrefour (Ongoing demonstratrion)

Reports of gunfire and roadblocks/burning barricades continue to come in. There remains a lot of debris in the streets and protests are continuing into today by small and violent groups. 


Shelter in place remains in effect for U.S. Embassy personnel. 

​1641 Locations: 

  • Bourdon Road (Burning Tires near Water ReserveTank)
  • Rue Oswald Durand (Burning Tires)
  • Vivy Mitchell (Throwing stones near Police Station)
  • Delmas 31 (Rock throwing in the area of St Patrick and shootings)
  • Avenue John Brown (Ongoing demonstration)
  • Bel-Air (Ongoing demonstration)
  • Bon Repos (Ongoing demonstration)
  • Kenscoff road (Burning barricades)
  • Carrefour Feuilles (Ongoing demonstration)
  • Morne Cabrit on the National Road #3 (Barricades and burning tires)
  • Carrefour (Ongoing demonstration)
  • Route Frères (Roadblocks in the area of Public Market and Djoumbala)
  • Carrefour Aeroport (Demonstration)
  • Carradeux (Barricades and Burning tires)
  • Mais Gaté (Burning tires)
  • Gerald Bataille (Burning tires)
  • Nazon (Demonstration)
  • Carrefour Fleuriot (Burning Tires)
  • Actions to Take:

    •   Avoid the area

    •   Avoid demonstrations and any large gatherings of people;

    •   Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks; and


    •   If you encounter a roadblock, turn around and get to a safe area.




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