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1/26/2021 Travel Advisories

Exercise increased caution in Singapore due to COVID-19. Reissued with updates to COVID-19 information, and to raise the Advisory to Level 2.

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12/10/2020 Travel Advisories

Exercise normal precautions in Singapore.

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11/25/2020 OSAC Analysis

The Asia-Pacific region has played a central role in this year’s events and promises to be a focal point in the coming year as well. As organizations struggle with COVID-19 related restrictions, rising case numbers, and...

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9/28/2020 OSAC Analysis

Travel corridors are exclusive partnerships between two countries that have shown early success in combatting the spread of COVID-19, allowing for reciprocal international travel. In a travel corridor, two countries re-e...

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9/1/2020 OSAC Analysis

Seven months have now passed since the introduction of initial COVID-related travel restrictions. OSAC has updated its interactive map with the latest entry restrictions for U.S. travelers to the Asia-Pacific region, com...

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8/6/2020 Travel Advisories

Reconsider travel to Singapore due to COVID-19.

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7/28/2020 OSAC Analysis

Six months have passed since the first COVID-19 related travel restrictions were enacted. Since then, countries across the globe have created and revised entry and exit requirements numerous times in an effort to control...

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7/17/2020 Alerts

Singapore is currently in Phase Two of its re-opening plan. Many safe-distancing measures and regulations remain in place. Strict enforcement of these regulations is expected to continue. Phase Two allows for retail and...

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6/18/2020 Alerts

The government of Singapore has previously announced the “Phase One” period during the month of June 2020. Due to an overall improving situation the government of Singapore announced that the “Phase Two” period of re-ope...

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6/11/2020 Alerts

Dengue cases are on the rise in Singapore. Already in 2020 there have been more than 10,000 reported cases as of 11 June 2020. This is the largest outbreak recorded in Singapore’s recent history.

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