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2/22/2021 OSAC Analysis

A resurgence of Ebola in Guinea threatens the country’s population and may decrease the already limited ability of OSAC members to operate in the region due to COVID-19. The unknown origin, size, and duration of the Ebol...

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5/29/2020 OSAC Analysis

After months of calm following two violent demonstrations in January, political tensions in Sierra Leone have risen as the government focuses on combatting the spread of COVID-19. Several violent incidents beginning Apri...

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2/26/2018 OSAC Analysis

Elections in Africa often increase the possibility of civil unrest. Even in instances when the electoral process goes relatively smoothly, some disruption can occur that impacts private-sector operations. This report foc...

8/19/2015 OSAC Analysis

After having being declared Ebola-free on May 9, Liberia announced a new case on June 29. A teenaged male in Margibi County died the day prior following treatment for malaria. By July 8, four additional cases all with ep...

9/11/2014 OSAC Analysis

The government of Sierra Leone has ordered a nationwide, three-day stay-home mandate to allow volunteers to visit each household and educate residents on Ebola. During this mandate, September 19-21, public transit, busin...

9/5/2014 OSAC Analysis

Africa's Cup of Nations soccer tournament has been impacted by the outbreak of Ebola by needing to change venues, adjust security protocols, and worry about fan violence. Although the matches began in mid-April, they wil...

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8/30/2014 OSAC Analysis

This interactive product is a compilation of information from previous OSAC reporting on Ebola and Department of State messaging by country.

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8/14/2014 OSAC Analysis

This is the third of three papers on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has killed more than 1,000 people. The Department of State, the CDC, and WHO have issued various messages and guidance about the outbreak. This...

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7/31/2014 OSAC Analysis

The largest outbreak of Ebola ever reported has been sweeping through West Africa, causing over 720 deaths and at least 1,000 more infections.

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4/17/2014 OSAC Analysis

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a rare virus native to Central Africa. The virus has taken more than 1,500 lives since it was first recorded in 1976, including the last major Ebola outbreak in 2012, when at least 31 people di...

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