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5/18/2021 OSAC Analysis

Vaccination rollout against the coronavirus pandemic has been sluggish in the East Asia Pacific region. Originally, the region was among the most successful in the world at implementing successful mitigation measures aga...

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4/23/2020 OSAC Analysis

As part of a broader COVID-19 crisis response, the Philippine government declared a ceasefire with the New People’s Army (NPA), a domestic terrorist group and armed insurgency. The ceasefire originally lasted from March...

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3/20/2020 OSAC Analysis

On March 15, the Philippine government announced that all travel – land, sea, or air – would be suspended in an effort to decrease people movement and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This report looks at the variety...

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1/16/2020 OSAC Analysis

This report examines some security implications stemming from a volcano located in a lake approximately 30 miles south of Metro Manila that has entered a period of intense activity. Spewing lava, a plume of ash and large...

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1/2/2020 OSAC Analysis

In 2019, there was a global increase in authoritarianism and nationalism as well as unprecedented civil unrest. In the Asia-Pacific region, communities and countries grappled with identity in a modern world, the spread o...

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9/9/2019 OSAC Analysis

Cyber criminals seeking financial gain and state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) groups looking to cause economic disruption pose the largest threat to private sector organizations operating in the Philippines...

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9/5/2019 OSAC Analysis

Dengue fever is endemic in over 100 countries and generally non-fatal. According to the World Health Organization, dengue infects 390 million people every year. So far this year, the Philippines has reported 146,000 case...

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8/9/2019 OSAC Analysis

June 28 marked the first time a Philippines citizen conducted a suicide attack in recent history. Traditionally, Filipinos do not engage in suicide bombing, as the culture generally considers suicide dishonorable. This t...

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4/17/2019 OSAC Analysis

In 2018, the U.S. Department of State introduced the Travel Advisory system. Fifteen months after the system went into effect, the Department has unveiled its first significant modification: the addition of a new, separa...

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2/1/2019 OSAC Analysis

This report looks at the extremist landscape in the Philippines a year after terrorist organizations pledging support to ISIS occupied the southern city of Marawi. Tthe government responded with a harsh period of martial...

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