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8/20/2020 OSAC Analysis

Multiple demonstrations are expected to take place in Budapest on August 22 in opposition of the Budapest Pride Festival and the LGBTI+ community more broadly. At least one of the groups organizing demonstrations against...

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9/30/2016 OSAC Analysis

Just after 10:30 PM on September 24, an improvised explosive device packed with nails detonated on Teréz Korut, near the intersection between “Oktogon” and Andrássy Utca in central Budapest. Video footage of the incident...

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3/17/2015 OSAC Analysis

On March 15, many shops throughout Hungary were closed as a new law restricting Sunday retail operations went into effect. While similar restrictions exist elsewhere in Europe, the law is the latest in a series of econom...

12/3/2014 OSAC Analysis

Over the past month, a series of anti-government demonstrations have been held in Budapest and other cities across Hungary. So far, protests mostly have remained peaceful and have neither been directed against the U.S. p...

3/16/2007 OSAC Analysis

On Thursday, March 15, Hungary celebrated its “National Day” holiday, which commemorates the country’s 1848 revolution against Hapsburg rule. The day typically coincides with protests and rallies; this year was no except...

11/6/2006 OSAC Analysis

Starting November 6, the European Union has instituted new guidelines for carry-on luggage aboard all EU flights.

10/25/2006 OSAC Analysis

On October 23, the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution, protesters opposed to Prime Minister Gyurcsany gathered in downtown Pest near the Parliament building and in other surrounding areas.

9/21/2006 OSAC Analysis

Violent protests have occurred outside the Hungarian Parliament as a reaction to the Hungarian Prime Minister's comments that he lied about the state of the economy. This report was updated on September 22.

3/16/2006 OSAC Analysis

In February, an American student traveling with a friend was attacked by a group of individuals he described as "skinheads" on the public tram system in Budapest.

3/7/2006 OSAC Analysis

After discovering a cat infected with avian influenza in Germany, the Infectious Disease Committee of the European Union (EU) issued the following recommendations, which are provided for your information.

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