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7/10/2020 Alerts

The Macau government announced that it will end a special ferry service between the Taipa Ferry Terminal and Hong Kong International Airport on July 16.  If you wish to return to the United States, you should make arran...

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7/7/2020 OSAC Analysis

On June 30, China passed a National Security Law for Hong Kong, which restricts the territory’s autonomy, curtails citizens' rights, and makes it easier to arrest protesters. Critics of the new law say it signals the "en...

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6/30/2020 Alerts

On Wednesday, July 1, media report potential protests near the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai.  Protests at other times and locations may also occur.  Media report that riot police officer...

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6/8/2020 Alerts

The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the potential for protests and public demonstrations in and around Hong Kong. U.S. citizens are urged to remain alert to local security developments and to be vigilant reg...

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6/3/2020 Travel Advisories

Exercise increased caution in Hong Kong due to civil unrest, risk of surveillance, and arbitrary enforcement of laws other than for maintaining law and order. Reissued with updates on China’s introduction of a national s...

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5/27/2020 OSAC Analysis

Massive pro-democracy protests rocked Hong Kong for over half of 2019, only halted by COVID-related stay-at-home orders. However, as lockdown measures lift, the pro-Beijing party is rushing to fortify its political posit...

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5/26/2020 Alerts

On Wednesday, May 27, a protest may occur near the Legislative Council Complex in Central, Hong Kong, according to media reports.  Protests at other times and locations may also occur. 

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5/20/2020 OSAC Analysis

After months of intense lockdowns and anxiety about continually rising case numbers, new COVID cases in Asia have mostly decreased and, in some countries, disappeared. This report notes these countries are focusing on gr...

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4/24/2020 OSAC Analysis

While the West is now confronting COVID-19, the Asia-Pacific region faces two new issues: for some, dealing with the second wave of cases that travelers have imported from the West; and for others, carefully reopening th...

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4/17/2020 Alerts

The Internal Revenue Service urges U.S. taxpayers to beware of telephone calls and email phishing attempts regarding COVID-19. These can lead to tax-related fraud and identity theft. Taxpayers should also look out for...

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