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2/25/2020 OSAC Analysis

Over the past 18 months, piracy incidents emanating from Nigeria have proliferated in frequency, tactical diversity, and geographic spread throughout the Gulf of Guinea. In particular, maritime kidnapping-for-ransom inci...

9/12/2016 OSAC Analysis

Security forces have managed to restore order in Gabon’s urban areas, many of which experienced unrest following the announced electoral victory of President Ali Bongo Ondimba on August 31. Key opposition figure Jean Pin...

8/25/2016 OSAC Analysis

Gabon is holding its presidential election on Saturday, August 27. The country will likely experience some anti-government demonstrations if, as many observers expect, President Ali Bongo Ondimba emerges as the victor. B...

12/8/2014 OSAC Analysis

On December 2, Gabon’s largest oil workers’ union began an indefinite nationwide strike that could cause gasoline shortages throughout the country. The union said its workers would return to work only if the government a...

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8/30/2014 OSAC Analysis

This interactive product is a compilation of information from previous OSAC reporting on Ebola and Department of State messaging by country.

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3/22/2013 OSAC Analysis

This report examines the rise of Gulf of Guinea piracy from a private sector security perspective and highlights some of the obstacles to combating piracy as well as outside factors that could impact future security such...

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4/7/2006 OSAC Analysis

This is a compilation of criminal activity affecting American citizens in Gabon during the first quarter of 2006 as reported by U.S. Embassy Libreville.

3/17/2005 OSAC Analysis

A string of deaths, including those of several adolescents, with indications that the motives were ritual in nature. The parents of the victims and their supporters held a protest vigil March 14 to focus the attention of...

1/4/2005 OSAC Analysis

This report is a compilation of criminal activity perpetrated against American citizens in Gabon during the fourth quarter of 2004 as reported by US Embassy Libreville.

10/20/2004 OSAC Analysis

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