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2/15/2019 OSAC Analysis

OSAC Snapshots take a quick look at issues affecting security for private-sector travelers around the world. This Snapshot looks at the implications of the Ross River Virus Disease, which affects travelers to Australia,...

4/7/2016 OSAC Analysis

Torrential rains have caused widespread flooding in Fiji, just six weeks after the island nation suffered its worst tropical cyclone on record. Although Tropical Cyclone Zena appears to have passed south of Fiji, parts o...

1/17/2012 OSAC Analysis

Please find the latest edition of the OSAC Regional Analysis Bulletin (RAB). This week’s bulletin contains articles highlighting a recent grenade strike in Kigali, truce proposals by a faction of Peru’s Shining Path, and...

1/12/2012 OSAC Analysis

On January 5, Interim Prime Minister of Fiji Commodore Voreqe “Frank” Bainimarama imposed the Public Order Amendment Decree (POAD) on the South Pacific island nation under his rule since December 2006. At that time, Bain...

9/12/2011 OSAC Analysis

A shadowy group known as the Viti Revolutionary Front (VRF) (Viti is the traditional name for Fiji) has put Fiji on edge as it burned police stations and sprayed anti-government graffiti on walls throughout the capital,...

9/6/2011 OSAC Analysis

Please find attached the latest edition of the OSAC Regional Analysis Bulletin (RAB). This week’s bulletin contains articles highlighting the brazen daylight robbery of twenty oil workers in Rio de Janeiro, security conc...

11/2/2006 OSAC Analysis

According to the open press, concern is growing among officials regarding the recent deterioration of civilian-military relations in Fiji and threats of possible action against the democratically elected government by me...

5/3/2006 OSAC Analysis

A tsunami warning issued for Tonga, Niue, American Samoa, Samoa, Wallis and Futuna, Fiji, and Hawaii has been cancelled.

1/12/2006 OSAC Analysis

Military forces in Fiji were reportedly put on high alert Thursday after rumors that that their chief, Commodore Bainimarama, was planning a coup. After a tense meeting between Bainimarama and other military officers, th...

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