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8/29/2019 OSAC Analysis

Residents of most industrialized western countries are used to freedom of speech at some level, usually restricted only when it has the potential to harm others. But some locations – including some of the more popular co...

9/30/2016 OSAC Analysis

A series of nighttime car fires that began this summer have continued in the neighboring cities of Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden. Their sudden frequency has led to widespread media coverage and concern from some...

2/23/2015 OSAC Analysis

On February 14-15, a Danish national of Palestinian descent carried out what is being labeled a terrorist attack, targeting media and Jewish interests; two people were killed and five police officers were injured before...

5/15/2014 OSAC Analysis

The Bilderberg Meeting, established in 1954, is an annual conference to foster dialogue between political (and royal) actors and industry, banking, academia, and technology power brokers in Europe and North America to fa...

3/13/2012 OSAC Analysis

Please find the latest edition of the OSAC Regional Analysis Bulletin (RAB). This week’s bulletin contains articles highlighting ongoing political, economic, and social uncertainties in Egypt more than one year after the...

3/12/2012 OSAC Analysis

On March 31, in Aarhus, the anti-Islamic English Defense League (EDL) is organizing an inaugural gathering of national, far right-wing organizations, collectively called Euro-leagues. Far-right copycat Defense Leagues re...

11/30/2009 OSAC Analysis

This report provide security concerns and detailed information pertaining to scheduled demonstrations surrounding the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) which will take place at the Bella Center in Copenha...

11/6/2006 OSAC Analysis

Starting November 6, the European Union has instituted new guidelines for carry-on luggage aboard all EU flights.

10/27/2005 OSAC Analysis

Danish National Police responded to an incident concerning an unattended package at the Hellerup Train Station.

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