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9/3/2021 OSAC Analysis

On September 7, large rallies in support of Brazil’s president are expected to coincide with the country’s national holiday. Rallies may occur throughout Brazil; some states have implemented measures to control crowds. B...

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6/9/2021 OSAC Analysis

The controversial and last-minute switch of the Copa America soccer tournament’s hosting rights from Argentina to Brazil highlights ongoing COVID-19 health threats and provides a snapshot into the return of large-scale e...

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5/26/2021 OSAC Analysis

Brazil accounts for 32% of ransomware attacks globally, the second most affected nation in the world. The country is particularly vulnerable to these types of attacks due to a combination of high levels of internet conne...

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10/7/2020 OSAC Analysis

Brazil is on the front lines of the emerging COVID-related security challenges, as one of the hardest-hit countries in the world. While health security and a shifting criminal landscape continue to pose conventional secu...

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9/17/2020 OSAC Analysis

Environmental security is a serious concern throughout South America, particularly in the Amazon basin. Deforestation heavily influences security, especially for natural resource outfits, research and academic institutio...

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9/1/2020 OSAC Analysis

Three months after OSAC's Global Return to Work survey, Europe has emerged from its first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns and Latin America has become the epicenter of the pandemic. OSAC's Americas team, in conjunction with O...

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5/26/2020 OSAC Analysis

COVID-19 has not only crippled economies around the world, but has also impacted criminal groups and their illicit revenue streams. Criminal organizations across the region are adapting by turning to different crimes suc...

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12/5/2019 OSAC Analysis

This report looks at ongoing violent confrontations between government security services and armed criminal organizations is demonstrative of a larger security trend in Brazil – the proliferation of violent prison gangs...

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6/13/2019 OSAC Analysis

The 2019 Copa América, the 46th edition of the quadrennial international men's association football championship, will take place in Brazil June 14 through July 7. The tournament will be held in six venues throughout the...

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3/26/2019 OSAC Analysis

The following is a summary of key takeaways presented during the ISMA-OSAC Latin America Regional Security Conference held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from March 3-5, 2019. The intent of the conference was to inform organ...

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