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8/29/2019 OSAC Analysis

Residents of most industrialized western countries are used to freedom of speech at some level, usually restricted only when it has the potential to harm others. But some locations – including some of the more popular co...

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7/10/2018 OSAC Analysis

The 28th NATO Summit will take place in Brussels, Belgium on July 11-12. The 29 member states will convene at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. At this time, OSAC is not aware of any credible, specific threats to the NATO S...

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3/23/2016 OSAC Analysis

On March 22, at least 34 people were killed and dozens were injured when bombs went off in the departure hall of Brussels Zaventem (BRU) Airport and on board a metro train at the Maelbeek Station in central Brussels duri...

11/21/2015 OSAC Analysis

On November 21, the Belgian government implemented its highest threat-alert level (4) for the Brussels-capital Region, as well as the Brussels airport (BRU) and the nearby municipality of Vilvoorde, indicating that a sec...

1/15/2015 OSAC Analysis

On January 15, Belgian anti-terrorism police forces led raids in Verviers, in eastern Belgium (see map), in which two people – allegedly with ties to ISIL -- were killed, one person was wounded, and at least one person w...

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9/25/2014 OSAC Analysis

On September 20, media outlets reported that Belgian authorities had recently arrested at least two suspected jihadists with possible links to terrorist groups in Syria. Authorities also conducted raids in at least five...

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12/4/2013 OSAC Analysis

Most geopolitical discussions of left-wing terrorism are usually reserved for reminiscing about decades past. In this context, the threat of Turkish left-wing terrorism that resurfaced in 2012 was met with skepticism. Ho...

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4/2/2013 OSAC Analysis

In early 2013, thieves attempted to defraud a major U.S. corporation of millions of dollars. The criminals, pretending to be the company’s CEO in the middle of a business deal, nearly simultaneously targeted the company’...

3/16/2012 OSAC Analysis

An unidentified man, wielding an axe and a knife, threatened worshippers at the Shiite Al-Imam al-Reda Mosque in the Anderlecht neighborhood in western Brussels on March 12. He, then, poured gasoline on the prayer rugs,...

12/13/2011 OSAC Analysis

At approximately 12:30 p.m. local time on December 13, a lone gunman attacked a crowd of individuals gathered at a bus station at Place Saint-Lambert in central Liege, Belgium. Open source reports indicate the attacker t...

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