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Health Alert: Slovenia, Booster Shot in Slovenia Possible, Generating an EU Certificate

COVID Health Alert


COVID Booster shots:

  • We have heard from a fellow American citizen that it is possible to get a booster shot in Slovenia even though your original shots were done in the United States.  This can generate an EU certificate.


Slovenia COVID-19 Statistics (as of 24 November 2021): 

  • The number of active cases has continued to climb in the past two weeks, up to 44,835 today, although may be leveling off this week.  The 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 persons increased to 2,125.
  • The number of hospitalized and those in ICU also climbed, with 1,168 hospitalized and 279 in intensive care.  This is the highest ever in ICU since the pandemic began, and according to the Slovenian government, is very close to capacity.  There were 215 additional COVID deaths in the past two weeks. 
  • Slovenia’s vaccination rate inched up marginally, with 54% of the population being fully vaccinated. 


For additional information, see our Embassy's Covid-19 page. 



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