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COVID-19: Making Best Use of OSAC Networks

COVID-19 Resources Hub: OSAC Members may have noticed a new feature on OSAC.gov, as we recently launched a centralized, password-free COVID-19 Resources Hub on our homepage that provides the latest information and guidance from the U.S. private sector and relevant U.S. government agencies – all in one place. This hub will serve as a source for on-the-ground, anonymized, and aggregated information of the impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on the OSAC constituency worldwide.  


To access the COVID-19 Resources Hub, look for the banner at the top of our homepage, which leads to a page of resources as well as OSAC’s daily readout on the virus.


Organizational Benchmarking:  OSAC also continues to publish analytical and benchmarking reports detailing developments on COVID-19 around the world. As part of that effort, we will continue to conduct regular benchmarking surveys. We will publish results of the benchmarking surveys on our website; you can also access them through the new COVID-19 Resources Hub. These benchmarking surveys will remain an on-the-ground, anonymized, and aggregated snapshot of the impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on the U.S. private sector operating abroad. If there are specific questions that you feel we should include, contact our Asia-Pacific Team.


Conversation: In a world of real-time information sharing from dozens of sources, OSAC appreciates your partnership on all safety and security issues. In an effort to manage the flow of information effectively, OSAC reminds all members to avoid repeating questions on near-identical topics. In addition, OSAC requests that topics stay within the parameters of the designated Regional Council, and that members keep conversations focused on overseas issues.


OSAC will push out additional information on how to join other Regional Councils, and will continue to provide updates to this global issue as warranted. If you have follow-up questions, contact OSAC’s Outreach & Engagement Unit.


OSAC Google Groups: While the COVID-19 Resources Hub offers centralized information, we encourage ongoing discussion around concerns about the COVID-19 virus on our existing Regional Council Google Groups. If you are interested in more frequent region-specific updates, informal questions from other OSAC organizations, and ongoing benchmarking updates on COVID-19, we recommend you join one (or more) of OSAC’s Regional Councils. Joining an OSAC Regional Council will ensure you have the most up-to-date information that OSAC’s networks have to offer in a particular region of the world, including trusted information sharing and corroboration in real time.


For targeted, regionally-focused discussions on COVID-19, OSAC encourages you to participate in the following Regional Councils: (Note: OSAC.gov login required)


Africa Regional Council (ARC)

Europe Regional Council (ERC)

Latin America Regional Council (LARC)

Middle East and North Africa Regional Council (MENA-RC)

Pan-Asia Regional Council (PARC)


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