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Demonstration Alert: Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Protest in Front of the Parliament

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at noon there is an announced demonstration in front of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trg Bosne i Hercegovine (across SCC shopping mall). Demonstrators will then move (via walking and/or vehicles) to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Government building located at the Hamdije Čemerlića St. to remain in front of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Government building. 

The vehicle route is marked in a pink color on the map (below), and route of the other pedestrians is in blue color. 

Please expect traffic delays in the area.

Demonstrations are expected to be peaceful; remember, however, that even peaceful demonstration may turn violent. 




Please keep personal security practices in mind:

·         Try to avoid large gathering; even peaceful demonstrations and gatherings may become violent;

·         If caught in a large crowd, attempt to disengage.  Remember social distance;

·         Keep Post One phone number programmed in your cell phone in the event of any emergency.



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