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OSAC Transfer of Leadership

It is with great pride and already much nostalgia that we bid farewell to our Executive Director, Jason Kight, as he assumes the role of Assistant Director for Threat Investigations and Analysis (DS/DSS/TIA) this week.


Over his nearly 25-year career as a DSS Special Agent, Jason has worked as Regional Security Officer, Assistant Regional Security Officer, and the Regional Director of Western Hemisphere Affairs. He served at posts in Jordan, Karachi, Paramaribo, La Paz, Afghanistan, and Vienna and on Secretary Albright's detail. His first-hand knowledge of the necessity of collaboration and timely information-sharing in protecting U.S. citizens abroad led Jason to focus OSAC's sights on modernizing communications channels and improving accessibility to services, while rallying greater involvement within the security community. Jason's decisiveness and passion for this work is shared by his successor, James Weston, who worked side by side with Jason as OSAC's Deputy Executive Director and now takes the reins as its Acting Executive Director.


James brings both private and public sector experience to the role, having served as an analyst and contractor for private security companies at the beginning of his career. He went on to become Assistant to the Chief of Staff at the INS, Executive Secretary for the Overseas Security Policy Board, the DS Firearms Policy Review Board, and Bureau point of contact for the Benghazi Accountability Review Board. In his 8 years with OSAC, James has forged increasingly strong and productive bonds within our security community and has continually expanded OSAC's reach across the world. Here at home, he's solidified the team at OSAC headquarters, fostering enthusiastic teamwork and a persistent desire to improve every aspect of our global security network.


Although we will miss Jason very much, we know we're in great hands with James and we look forward to continuing to see Jason around the halls of SA-20 (and teasing him about having to wear a suit every day now.)



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