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Operational Tempo for the Remainder of the Year

Dear OSAC Members,

I hope this message finds everyone and their families, friends, and coworkers safe and healthy.

The impact of COVID-19 has touched every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Despite the hardships, the OSAC community has responded Swiftly to meet the many challenges. The collaboration, information sharing, and crisis management within our community has been and continues to be tremendous. The pandemic has tested our resiliency and also forced our organizations to become more flexible in order to quickly adapt to the ever-changing environment.

You, our members, are our priority. As such, we are making some necessary changes to our operations to ensure the same high level of support you have come to expect, both now and in the future. The 35th Annual Briefing (AB) will be held as a virtual conference, which will span the week of November 16, 2020. Please see the announcement posted on June 8, 2020 for more information on the planning and collaboration with the International Security Foundation (ISF) to ensure this public-private partnership as we emphasize our commitment to providing the private sector and our members, a well-planned, content-rich, and meaningful virtual Annual Briefing in November. 

We understand that nothing replaces the networking benefits of in-person conferences, but the many unknowns on our end and the competing requirements on yours make planning for events outside of the AB much more challenging than before. The OSAC Outreach and Engagement team are working with the various Steering Committees of the Regional Councils and Working Groups to strategize on virtual alternatives; we have already seen the Middle East and North Africa Regional Council, Women in Security and the International Development Working Group host successful webinars for their members to maximize information sharing. A number of our Country Councils worldwide are also hosting virtual meetings. We encourage you to check the events page on OSAC.gov to stay current on all of our upcoming virtual activities.

Once again, thank you for your support and partnership during these unprecedented times.

Jason Kight

Executive Director



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