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OSAC Code of Conduct Update

We have posted a revised and improved version of the OSAC Code of Conduct on our website today, which can be accessed here or from the top menu under the "About" tab with no log-in necessary. All OSAC members should read and be familiar with its content. Some of the key changes include:
  • An expansion to virtual platforms, in addition to in-person events
  • An expectation of adherence to the Chatham House Rule
  • Prohibitions on the use of OSAC resources for business development opportunities
  • An updated process for reporting violations
  • More details on the consequences of unacceptable behavior

To ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct, all OSAC members participating in webinars and in-person activities must agree to abide by it during the online registration process for those events. We are also updating our Google Group disclaimers to inform users that they must follow the Code of Conduct on those platforms to remain active participants.

Thank you to our 20-member Working Group, who committed hours of volunteer time over the past several months to help us revise the Code of Conduct, and who continue to help us with the process moving forward. We are grateful for their advice, expertise, and wordsmithing. The Working Group includes:

Kit Bartels, OSAC


Ben Brandt, Cargill


Christopher Daniel, Michigan State University


Richard Davis, ISF President, formerly United Airlines


Rodney Drinkard, Coca-Cola


Ned Farmer, American Airlines


Julie Friend, Northwestern University


Kathy Lavinder, SI Placement


John Masusock, OSAC


Lynn Mattice, National Economic Security Alliance


Shannon Mureithi, Food for the Hungry


Lisa Oliveri, EDC


Brandon Padilla, Sempra Energy


Bhavesh Patel, Sanofi


Claire Prestwood, Cargill


Stephen Saflin, Phillips 66


Charles Steadman, KPMG


Pranoti Surve, Philip Morris


Vincent Volpi, PICA


Ryan Wildes, Mass General Brigham

The OSAC Code of Conduct remains a dynamic working document, and we will continue to update it as needed. It will also be reviewed on an annual basis by members of the OSAC Council. We will notify all OSAC users when and if future updates are made.

If you have questions or comments about the Code of Conduct, please email us at OSACConduct@state.gov.


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