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OSAC.gov Newsletter Format

OSAC.gov Newsletter Format

Dear OSAC.gov Users:

This summer we rolled out a new version of OSAC.gov after years of development and hurdles to get the site housed on the cloud. We hope that you are pleased with the improved performance of the website and find that the customizable profile settings allow you to use the site in a way that suits your needs.

Part of our website redesign was to change how our Morning and Afternoon Newsletters appear. In keeping with our effort to make OSAC.gov a portal users can customize to suit their individual needs, we chose to make the newsletters also a reflection of users’ profile settings. In other words, if you focus on only one region of the world, your newsletter can reflect that with only news and other products related to that region. Another change was replacing the daily links to news articles and other content from the body of the email to a webpage on OSAC.gov. This change was made for efficiency reasons as it substantially reduces cost and slow performance. We have received feedback, however, that people miss this feature from the old version. As such, we are implementing a change so that you receive the old version of the newsletter.

Look for this change soon. In the meantime, continue to provide feedback so we can adjust and improve our services based upon the needs of our constituents. To submit feedback, please go to our Contact Us page at the following URL: https://www.osac.gov/About/ContactUs. As always, thank you for your continued partnership.


James Weston, Chief

OSAC Research & Information Support Center



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